A Silent Letter

Dear Eyes

It has been a very long time since I talked with you directly. Life became convoluted with every passing moment and I somehow forgot that my life is connected with yours. In fact, I became so immersed in the conundrums of my own existentialist delusional self that I forgot your blinks are directly proportional to my beats; that even when I chose to sink as and when I felt like and hid in my shell for an indefinite time period, you continued to face the world with all your might, even in the welled up state.

Today I feel I acted weak. While I bled and bled, you never spilled over and bore the internal conjunctivital pain with all the strength. I forgot that you do not lead an independent life of your own. You are but a reflection of my inner self. While I had forgotten to live up to my own spirit, you showed it to the world that I was stronger than my weaknesses; but not as stronger as you are. Thank you for reflecting the truth, yet obfuscating it for me.

Because you are superbly capable of both.

Yours silently


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