Between Tisya and Me (1)

I: Hello

Tisya: Hello buaaaaa.. What happened bua?

I: I am not well Tisya

Tisya: Why are u not well?

I : It is the weather Tisya

Tisya: Ummmmm.. what is weather?

I : The days are too hot Tisya.. my throat is not fine..

Tisya: Do u mean there is a lot of smoke?

I: No Tisya.. i mean it is summers.

Tisya: Oo oo.. yes yes. Hot. Bua i vomitted today.

I: Ohh.. u did! What happened?

Tisya: Because it is too hot. Weather hot bua. Yellow yellow vomit came out.

I: (smiling) Why dont u go take rest?

Tisya: What?

I : Why don’t u sleep for sometime?

Tisya: But i already lied down bua. I lied down in the morning. I am fine now. Totally fine. I do not want to lie down.

I: Okay.. what will u do now?

Tisya : I will have fun. It is evening.


Bua do you know if we concentrate on our work ( by which she meant worksheets) then power comes to us. And bua do you know what power is? Do you know lord krishna? He is a god bua who lives in the sky and power comes out of his hands. If we concentrate then human beings like Tisya can also become powerful.

I : Wow Tisya.. that is so true. Who taught you that?

Tisya: Kungfu Panda… yayyyyy… kungfu pandaaaaa…eeeee.. eee.. (extremely happy) I watched kungfu panda. It was there.

I : (joining in) yayyyy.. eee.. i love Kungfu panda too Tisya.

Tisya: Yesss. And jungle book. Have you seen jungle book?

I : Yes yes I have. ( I haven’t seen the movie though but I knew would be able to talk about it nevertheless)

Tisya: There is a tiger and he dies. In fire. Because lions n tigers cannot climb trees and he climbed n he fell bua.

I: Yes Tisya.. He did because he was not intelligent. Kungfu panda n Mowgli are intelligent.

Tisya : Yes bua. Ok bye bua. Park..?! Park!! Mmmuah mmuaah.. Bbye bua.

I: Love you Tisya.

Tisya : Love you buaa.

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