Word Limit

Did I just kill your thoughts? Did I crush you under the weight of my autocratic and strangulating dictum?

But you see overindulgence with one’s thoughts is artistic carouse.

Curiosity Restraint
Anxiety Overbearance

In search of predating over the unruly and disorderly set of educated and cultivated human beings engaged in supposedly the liveliest and most enthusiastic run-amok thought processes, I found the following:

1. School student writing the language paper

Overwhelmed action: Written expression symbolic of lets-change- the-world- in-a- stroke tendency.
Overwhelmed reaction: Teacher -dictator breaking the illusion through penalization of marks.

2. Television anchor shouting at the top of his voice

Overwhelmed action: Expression symbolic of the exceedingly hyperbolic anger and frustration against the unjust socio- economic scenario.
Overwhelmed reaction: Viewers’ perception getting further obfuscated as a result of being continuously receptive to loud gibberish.

3. A politician haranguing at the eleventh hour of the upcoming election

Overwhelmed action: Inconclusive empty promises made.
Overwhelmed reaction: Audience emotionally inspired by the tirade of jingoism evidently uninspired by thought or reflection.

Baffled and bewildered, I still feel self important. In hope of achieving semiotic sanity in people’s thoughts, words and actions.

Yours oppressingly

Word limit

P.S.: 1400 characters?

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