Highways 2.0

Morning chirps mock the muddled mind Too many whys and unresponsive echoes Lonely dawns and lost dusks Change changes nothing. Pine spines cover the terrain in rust Rocks peep from behind the trees Road twists every fifteen metres Mould settles in every crevice Trees ambush the trails Toes and peaks talk River disappears * Playing […]

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The silence of the wind is an enchanting absence. recurring consistent soul-consuming The change of seasons is an illusory anticipation. atrocious unfulfilling life-denying The colour of the sky is a blurry vision. sooty sulphuric eye-scratching The flower of the tide is a dusty heap. Sweeping the tree only by a violent surprise The wind is

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Would you?

Let me ask you, please? What do you do when you know they know how you feel… Know that all has been invested And has been revisited Reiterated and reassured? What do you do when you know they are crying softly… Know that they have shut themselves And has been irreversible Indelible and irremediable? What

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Outrageous similarities in lives lived at distinctly different times Shared, not just as they intersected Shared, at a different level altogether. Unknown by at least one Unravelling to another Everyday. Unspeakable parallels Undeniable truths Surely they are, right! Am I reading in a bit too much? It shouldn’t unfold in the same way It should

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Conversations at three feet above the ground

Ecstasy in tapping n toppling bottles in shelves Sketching stories in air while elders chatter Inching closer to the screen with every incomprehensible talk around Focussing on the littlest the tiniest possibility, still or alive Revelling in myriad pleasures unaware of the rest Settling in a corner with the craziest of imaginations Reciting and reiterating

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And then we came closer So close we could not see which is which I went too far Too far to realise There was nothing in it for you Just a distraction, a deviation perhaps. And as you realise No length of time would bring your steps back to me No stretch of tears would

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