And then we came closer
So close we could not see which is which
I went too far
Too far to realise
There was nothing in it for you
Just a distraction, a deviation perhaps.

And as you realise
No length of time would bring your steps back to me
No stretch of tears would make you stretch your arms for me.
My words too insincere
Not worthy of being dignified
My longings too frivolous
Not worthy of being considered.

What could you be looking for
Who knows how long how far
Would you come back
Why are we drifting apart
So apart we cannot see

And here I am
Backspace has the key to my mind
I have nothing new
Same stale statements
Old, already known questions
Exactly the same conclusions
Just regular things

Looking for ways to navigate this loneliness I come back to you
Back to you repeatedly.
The kohl cannot contain me
Just melts at your thought
Your words do not leave me
I hear just you, overwrought.

The precincts of my being are struggling
World shrinking eyes straining
It is taking away our bit
And altering the scheme of things.
Breathing on bits from possible sources
Living on reports of events already happened
Where am I?
You must have forgotten
You cannot be away.
You must have tried
You cannot be less occupied.
I see you smiling, faintly
I see you gliding, stealthily
I wish I could see you with me, occasionally
Here. Near.

This way is all a bit too flamboyant
I grant you to take me for granted
Just do it aesthetically a little more silently a little more deviously.

And yet…
A belief.
This would slide.
Just another phase.
For I know
You are mine.

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