Waiting at the metro station for the last metro to arrive, Shanta looks at her watch. 11:30 p.m. suddenly took her back to an incident buried deep within the folds of time.

An incident that changed her life forever. Ten years ago, she had reached home late from office. It was her success party. She had been recently promoted. It was her third promotion in three years. She was beyond herself. Her hard work had paid off after all.

But he missed the celebration. Was he jealous? She didn’t ask. However, he said something which left a hole in her soul; something which she doesn’t even wish to recall.

11:30 p.m. She left.

Today she lives alone. She had chosen that for herself after all.

What did Nora do after leaving her doll’s house? Who knows?

No regrets though.

Freedom comes with a heavy price. Self esteem is earned through a bargain. Did she weigh properly? She does not know.

The train with destination to…… is going to enter platform no 2.

Destination. She wonders.

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