Not anymore…

These lanes are not those. This moment isn’t comparable to those. I was young then.. i see it now. What if those times come back? Would anything change in the course of life? Would the present as it is today exist then? Would i be able to foresee and not let things happen the way they did? They did and i think it is best that they did. I can see more clearly now. There are no ambiguities.

Are we being watched? All of us? Does all this.. all which happens everyday get recorded? Won’t we forget it all one day? But i walk silently..i do not let these lanes know that they remind me of those. Do i remember everything? No.. why should i claim it! Do events follow a circuitous path or are these elements all pervasive? They might mean something else some other day. They might remind others of something else or… is it just me… is it nothing?

Why does the mind flicker.. memories swarm.. words dissect.. and lives digress? Rivers return, reclaim their course.. unappreciated. They bring destruction. It is never the same. How can i forget.. i am living a diverted life. Or was it how it was meant to be? But why could it not be a smoother transition? How can the reconciliation be crease less? Creases.. nah! Much more than that. I am indifferent now. Why can’t they be too? It won’t prove anything. Not anymore.

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