Just a phase

I was born out of your circumstances
I am dying with your enterprise

I have altered the course of your life irreversibly
I will leave you amused for the rest of it

I am just one among millions who would come and go
You may have forgiven the others already

I was custom-made for you
You for me
I was endowed with affiliations
You became my receptacle

Time moves differently in my world
Ephemeral I am
Ephemeral I was destined to be
But you would move on.

I have to confess
I have developed an affiliation for you
I cannot but leave you
For I know I cannot stay
And that you would battle on.

Once a flame keeping you awake
I am just a dwindling flicker now
You became the source of my life
I, the hinges of your experience

For me, you are my entire journey
For you, just a phase…

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