Learning to learn


I’m presently occupied with learning something that would go a long way in making the learning process more meaningful for others. I am learning to teach.

Teaching entails a wide range of tasks which, if not completed responsibly could lead to serious repercussions. To groom a student to be a better person and a better informed person is no easy job. It takes a lifetime to be a truly professional teacher.

Amazingly, the most difficult and also the most worthy part of being a teacher is : Learning to Learn! I started with learning to teach and eventually realized that teaching is learning. While i make my mind to teach my students, i end up learning from them. I learn from them every single day.

I guess the most satisfying moment in a teacher’s life is when a student comes up and tells you that whatever was taught was well understood. One may then think the labour that had been put in, was well received and responded to. It is then that the feeling sets in!

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