The course life takes

The course life takes

It has been a fascinating experience. Rather, a transforming one. The perspective has changed. The realization came gradually. The responsibility has increased immensely. This was chosen but back then, the magnitude wasn’t known.

It was just another course in life. I guess this has just become the course of life. It’s absolutely unbelievable how everything changes from being a student to being a teacher. The heart, however, choses to be partial- it desires to be safe in the shell. Being guided and taken by the hand is such a felicity. It’s just that very few realize it. On second thoughts, very few actually are provided with such an opportunity.

Role reversal has taken place. The effort should be visible. Thoughts must transform into action from the very beginning otherwise the learning would dissipate. It should not be undermined by distractions. The opportunity should reach out to as many as possible through the new channel. The channels must grow.

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  1. Hi…..
    I read your articles..They are very good. I love the most “Not Just See- Observe to Learn” cause I am also facing the same problem. I see the things not observe them and when I try to figure them out, cant. And was also unable to understand why this happening to me. But now I got the answer. I will surely try to observe them now.

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