Those times this time

That magic tumbler which converted crushed ice into sparkling ice candies

That swift moving wheel which made sugar crystals into fluffy floss

Those jubilations which announced power cuts and extended outdoor time

Those aspirations to let the head touch the chime

Those late evening trips to the stationary shop to buy glue and stars

Those visits to the park to collect leaves and flowers

Running to catch the school bus on those foggy mornings

Looking for depressions in the road to get wet during afternoons

Rushing to the terrace and cycling in the rain

Feeling superior to the rest with a slight height gain

Kicking a pebble and making it trace theĀ  path home

Asking for permission before using the phone

Wearing cones with strings for caps on birthdays

Preparing paper folded cards for all special days

Listening to the radio for hours at a stretch

Ironing the uniform to perfection with all my breath

Creating whirlpools in the bucket while bathing

Singing to the plants on the terrace while watering

Spending days in planning and nights in sleeping

Making timetables for the week and be left fuming

Updating the final percentage after each examination

Resolving to read more and exercise with motivation

Those afternoons which became evenings before anyone knew… those mornings which were looked forward to… this age which was once looked at with reverence and expectation… this age which now is just like any other moment…

What has changed.. am i the same..

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