‘Tis distance that was feared
Why intuition did not work at all
What had to be avoided caught on

‘Tis desire that has smeared
Why it escapes boundaries
… does not fit definitions
Why these reverberations n reflections
… do not fear repercussions

‘Tis dependence that has possessed
Why desperation never leaves
… but wasn’t intended
Why words could be offered
… but weren’t required
Why explanations are sought
… but weren’t enough

Why words can do what nothing can
Why eyes can do what words can’t

There is
Silence in scolding
Elation in deciphering

Calm in anticipation
Ellipses in expression

Perturbation in criticism
Letting go in explanation

Collusion in deliberation
Affection in negotiation

Clarity in amazement
Affectation in detachment

And yet speechlessness prevails…
And yet… desire.

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