Rested and ready to return several highways will be sojourned
Drizzling heavily enveloped ambushed
Walkers joggers lovers
Warning signs wrapped in wit
Serpentine clandestine angular descent
Mountain sickness…relieved
Fragrant tea farming
Children in school uniforms
Specialities and availabilities in multiple languages
Lying in the backseat looking up the sky
Reconstructing your appearance looking into your eyes
Amidst eucalyptus tree tops, petrol pump signs, street lights
Marred by trucks, electrified by billboards, behind wires carrying charge
Bright is slowly turning into deep bottle green
Light blue turning into pastels and grey even in the maps
Receding reds and approaching yellows of traffic
Arrows becoming apparent, directions more sought after
Little discs on two wheelers, thick tapes on slow moving centipedes
Eateries visible in trademark colour combinations
Messages offering recharges, message boards offering thanks for visits
Split and burst into toll lanes squeeze down to one ways
Mergers dividers footovers flyovers
Depressions breakers blinkers dippers
Milestones spelling distances, eyes locating destinations
Sparkling windscreen wiped clean periodically, air conditioning regulated intermittently
From boxes to trash bags eatables turning wrappers
Overspeeding overtaking traffic on
Overdarkened forests running along
Grey deepening skyline changing average speed decreasing drops diminishing horns blaring
My city

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