Naps Are Confusing


It had thought it was morning
It ran deep into woods for fun,
Was tricked!
It was still evening
Naps are confusing
They take you to another world
and make you forget time

What is waking, what is sleeping?
The forest was tempting
The fragrance mesmerizing
And darkness awaiting…

What is dusk, what is dawn?
There it was the lovely fawn
As darkness enveloped it came to mind
It had left home far behind
Amidst the rustling of sounds
The shrieking of hounds
It could not find its way out.

A myriad of experiences, a thousand of doubts
A lost soul trying to find its way round and about
No shining star
Not a moonlit night
It stood the dark spirits in a fight.

As it lay on the ground tired and fatigued
A glimmer of light fell on its eyes
Each daybreak allows for a withered plant to grow
Each night awaits a new morrow

The fawn had seen a new world
A world of possibilities in sojourn
Obscure and obfuscated as it was
Taught it the lesson of caution.

Night had concealed and revealed itself in stages
Just as light and the dark are phases
The fawn gave its fears chases
Without regrets without malaise
It returned home from the maze.

– Surbhi Nagpal & Priyanka Singhal

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