A few hushed voices, a few loud ones,
Perceptions being made, apprehensions won
Curiosities and quick glancing
Expectations and lack of strings:
Silenced and shut by conceptions and notions
Sitting in the darkest of corners
Kept struggling for recognition.
A fight against obliteration
A fight against nullification
Unnoticed unvoiced…

As rejection became a routine
Light came from the darkest of things
Out of the window
She saw
A flight without hesitation
Fresh out of its nest it soared
the cocoon had already got bored
Fragile and trembling it took charge of its life
Its strength became its light.

Its strength became her light.
Apprehensions became appreciations
Silent struggles motivations
Expectations came of age
Driven by the sage
She cast a niche
And broke her cage.

-Priyanka Singhal & Surbhi Nagpal

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