Some Reflections

Forgetting, although presumably very vain and mundane, is an essentially aesthetic exercise because it leads to purgation of all the heaviness that acts as a parasite killing the host silently, yet profusely. Is forgetting equivalent to forgiving? No, it cannot be.

There is an unconscious element of self definition involved in forgetting- a blissful feeling of oblivion which is a replica of floating in space for example. So we human beings, limited creatures that we are, attempt to remain closely knotted to the present moment while, at the same time, unconsciously and almost desperately desire to slip into the depths of an inexplicable stupor.

Is forgetting good? Sometimes yes. Yes, if it is essential to sustain the selfish human mechanism that we all are inherently built with.

Is this inherently selfish state of oblivion easy to achieve? Certainly not.

Trying to strike equilibrium between remembrance and forgetfulness, and wanting to only remember the pleasant and forget the unpleasant (while being aware of the idealistically erroneous nature of the mere thought), we all defeat the erratic turns of life.


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